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Got paid, and had spent all but $40 of the remaining $200 I had on the weekend. WTF? Well, I needed to give $60 to my partner, spent $45 on groceries etc., spent $20 on lunches throughout the week, and broke down last night and ordered pizza cuz I just really couldnt get into cooking after another loooong day. So much for "paying off" walmart right away...BUT I did put the $319.50 in coins right on the Visa yesterday, and made an extra $40 today in an economy experiment, and put that on the Visa too.
Got the $580 I was shorted last month too, so am debating putting all that on the credit card or using some of it to partially finance the switch to Wind Mobile which should allow me to cancel the home phone and pay for itself within 6 months.
In any case, February was a decent month for paying back debt, and its looking like March will be decent too as our income tax refund should not only fund our trip home in August, but give us an extra $1500 (hahaha stockpile of tuition/education credits!!) that we can hopefully also funnel towards the debt, but will probably use some to buy us each a new "treat", Ive been wanting a new point and shoot digital camera and D has been going on about some fancy camera flash for awhile...

Maybe Ill win the lottery tonight and all my debt stress will vaporize instantly! That would be nice.

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Yesterday I went to Walmart and put the $140 worth of purchases onto my Visa card. So much for not using the card eh? And I mean, I could have debited it, I have just over $200 in the bank and get paid on Friday (at 12:10am, so Ill have that money on Friday), but just felt to stressed thinking about my bank account being that perilously close to 0....so figured Ill just transfer whats left on Thursday. Hopefully it will be at least $140 - but I could easily spend more than $60 by then if I need to grab some groceries which, despite walmart trip, I think Im going to have to. At least I have $320 in rolled coins that is slated as an extra Visa payment, so Im still doing well for 2011 on the debt front.

As for eating, well Im currently waiting for Dave to arrive to have lunch with me as I work on thie Family day Holiday. We will either have Avenue Pizza or Rodeo Burgers, either being a very unhealthy 1000 calorie lunch. Delicious. Ill try to make something decent for dinner tonight but after working all day I probably wont feel like it....there is leftover Chinese from yesterday...
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You wanna know what I ate yesterday?

Large hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons
591 mL bottle of Coke Zero
Hospital Ginger Beef stirfry for lunch (this is actually decent and comes with multigrain rice and lots of veggies - so I did eat at least 1 veggie serving!)
A Fibre 1 bar
1/2 a box of stuffing - yes, I made a box of stuffing for dinner.
1/5 of an et tu Apple Crisp that I made with granny smith apples.
1/2 a granny smith apple I ate as making said apple crisp
591 mL bottle of Vitamin Water (Formula 50)

This is why I am unhealthy. I eat random things randomly. No breakfast, a big lunch, and junky evening food. Though that apple crisp was very delicious....yum.

Hows today going?

Earl grey tea - NOPE, vomited it up 10 minutes later. tea I guess is off my list forever :(
Large Hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons
Double Chocolate Donut from Tim Hortons
(damn Im off to a good start....)
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I havnt posted in my own blog, or any comments on anyone elses blog since October last year. I dont really know why. I think its because of growing bitterness and lack of moving forward. I mean, here I am, still working on my PhD. And I knew this would be a 5+ year endeavor, but its still a little disheartening that Im still a year away from home. I am missing so much, and so many people. Becoming even more disillusioned about a career in academic Science - I mean, I already know Im not "gonna go there" but its ridiculous how much more crap there seems to be all the time. Its full time political positioning, begging for money, getting rejected and being mistrusted, blah.
I have lots of things I could post about. School, money, food, health, general observations. Im going to try to get back into things. Im thinking I should post about money and food so I can see in writing how disorganized I am in both of these realms. If I want to finish my PhD and afford to live, I need to pay down some (a lot) of the debt I have while I still have a tax-free job and am not accumulating student loan interest.

So whats the money situation? Im broke but dont live that way. Ive (with the help of my partner) done poorly at not using credit cards, and have such amassed (much)more credit card debt than when I started grad school - it was always my intent to pay back my cc's in grad school and just live of the money I earned....well that didnt happen. And I can do a really good job at passing the blame around on this, but in the end of it all, its only "my" debt (as in its all in my name), so it doesnt matter who or what helped me amass it, *I* have to be the one getting myself out of it. I would like to pay off a noticeable amount of debt in 2011 from budgeted income, *NOT* including any lump sum payments I might be able to make due to income tax refund/award getting. That shouldnt be too hard (as long as D is holding up his end of the finances)as I can afford an extra $500 a month myself if I budget properly, but the problem is, I want to pay off at least one of my big credit cards - which is around $5000 (including interest, Im sure Ill pay off more like $6000), which pretty much accounts for my total "extra" income - a little sad as I have more than one big credit card, plus a black hole of student loans. And I need to have an emergency fund, so when something happens that costs $1500, instead of adding it to the cc, I can pay it in cash - so far I have $250 in my "emergency fund" which is also my Christmas fund for now.... Man money is way more complicated than I want it to be, and the more I think, the more of it I seem to need.
By "broke" I just mean that I have more debts than I am reasonably paying off - I am not the kind of broke that even make it difficult to make payments, and I dont truly live paycheck to paycheck, as I do manage to have a couple hundred dollars left by the next time I get paid. Its just that I should be paying back way more of that money I spent ahead of time, but just cant seem to cut my lifestyle back to accomodate this. Its too easy to buy myself a new pair of shoes, or new conference clothes, or organic produce ridiculously overpriced, or lunch at work instead of bringing it, and I waste a lot of money on this.
Maybe I need to start a pf type blog where I write down my spending and payments on a weekly basis to be accountable. Thats a terrifying idea, but ive seen a few decent blogs that do just this, and seems like forcing yourself to pay more attention to money works to help manage it.
Just like with food. So I shold be paying more attention there. Always tempted to blog what i eat each day as Im one of those people who doesnt realize how much she is eating....as a great start to today, Ive had a large hot chocolate from Tims, and 2 hersheys caramel kisses. Pizza for lunch with Dept. Candidate, and Im sure chocolates and pizza for dinner. Not the healthiest plan....
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My grandmother died yesterday. I wish she knew me as an adult, but she was a great grandma to me when we were kids. My heart aches for my mother.
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I just puked for no reason at all with next to no notice. Great fun. Wtf. Usually Im onto these things....
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Ahhh another evening waiting for 6 and 8pm time points. At least this one Ive been somewhat productive thus far, making some PFA for tomorrows animal perfusions. Saves me one solution in the morning. I really hope my mice arent downstairs sabotaging the superawesome results I obtained the first time I did the experiment. I feel very nervous, as Im getting awesome high-impact results. Thank goodness.
In other news, there seems to be a possibility that my body is trying to make me sick again. Im really hoping not. Especially since Ive been trying to drink more water, and Ive been taking calcium and vitamin D for the last little while, and getting better sleep etc since my last sickness...

Also, with the latest news from my moms side of the family, I am legit thiking about genetic cancers like HNPCC/Lynch Syndrome. Im going to have to be more specific when talking with my mom, as its her sisters tumor(s) which would be better analyzed for MSI than her mothers, but either could indicate carrier testing. Did I mention lynch syndrom comes with an 80% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer and a 60-80% lifetime risk of endometrial/ovarian cancer? They recommend annual colonoscopies beyond 40 and a prophylactic hysterectomy, and as for my mom, being all menopausal and stuff, she does not need those bits sitting in there waiting to become cancerous. And neither do I for that matter, since I never plan on having children (If mom is +ve, hell yes Im getting tested). But blah, getting way too ahead of myself. But the family pedigree has multiple primary GI tumors that could very well be following a pattern of dominant inheritance. Yikes.
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Im making a roast

And I didnt slow cook it like Im familiar with, as it just would have been too long that we were away. So I think, Ill just roast it in the oven, and I google how to do so. Blah blah blah, Im now almost an hour over the "cook for x minutes per pound" time, which is making dinner quite late. And finally the delicious smelling sucker is juicy and 140 degrees but I just cant have that bloody a roast so I wait for it to get at least 10 deg warmer, and IT IS TAKING FOREVER.
Seriously, I dont think Im ever going to cook a roast in the over again. Slow cooker roasts only in this house. D is "starving" and threatening to eat a bag of jubes. I might join him.
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How can so much be happening that seems like nothing?

On the one hand, Im crazy busy. I know this because I *know* my frantic days that only allow for a short while of boredom - if any, and then, its guilt sprinkled as if I am really bored it probably means I am not getting something done that I should be doing. On the other hand, I feel Ive been watching way too much TV, and getting more sleep than ever (because I am exhausted!). It should calm down a bit now that the summer is over and we can switch back into regular semester mode at the University.
I realize I havnt written in this blog (or my sciencey one!) in awhile. In the case of this blog, a long while...and I dont really get why as it honestly only take a few minutes and Im not one of those serious-bloggers who plan and write detailed posts. Cuz like, I really write my blog for me.

So I was thinking I could write about some movies Ive seen recently (Piranha 3D, The Expendibles), but Im just not feeling that creative. I would recommend either as good general movie fodder, that meet expectations. If only Steven Seagal were in the Expendables....at least he is in Machete which comes out tomorrow. I imagine Ill see that more than once in the theatre if it is at all decent. Maybe Ill keep you posted.

I had to buy another new cell phone last week, as my Rumor2 got stuck in a permanent rebooting loop, and as before, I wasnt willing/able to be phoneless while they decide whether to fix it or not (NOT as you recall, I previously submerged that phone). Since Im in Ontario next week, I really needed to be connected and didnt want to buy another rumor2 which is all virgin has on PAYG with a keyboard, I got a Rogers Samsung Corby Plus. Which is a fun cute little phone and cost me $80 with $40 of activation credits...so $40 essentially. Holy disposable cellphone nation...Hopefully I wont get this one stuck in a rebooting loop! Keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and send me any of your deets, as I lost all my contact info and the phone is empty save Grad School people....

Speaking of grad school, my PCR just finished running and the gel should be ready so.....
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New Computer

You know when you complain about your slow going-to-die-anyday computer that makes noises and has an illegal operating system, and then you get a new computer and realize that you had no idea how bad it actually was....yeah, those are good times. Its making me feel a little (ok a lot) better that I spent the money when I had it in cash to replace the dying beast before its actual death.

Not much to report otherwise. Im skipping work right now. And by skipping I mean staying home as I am sick this morning. But it looks like Im skipping because its after a long weekend. Whattayagonnado?
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