February 17th, 2011

You wanna know what I ate yesterday?

Large hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons
591 mL bottle of Coke Zero
Hospital Ginger Beef stirfry for lunch (this is actually decent and comes with multigrain rice and lots of veggies - so I did eat at least 1 veggie serving!)
A Fibre 1 bar
1/2 a box of stuffing - yes, I made a box of stuffing for dinner.
1/5 of an et tu Apple Crisp that I made with granny smith apples.
1/2 a granny smith apple I ate as making said apple crisp
591 mL bottle of Vitamin Water (Formula 50)

This is why I am unhealthy. I eat random things randomly. No breakfast, a big lunch, and junky evening food. Though that apple crisp was very delicious....yum.

Hows today going?

Earl grey tea - NOPE, vomited it up 10 minutes later. tea I guess is off my list forever :(
Large Hot Chocolate from Tim Hortons
Double Chocolate Donut from Tim Hortons
(damn Im off to a good start....)
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