February 21st, 2011

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Yesterday I went to Walmart and put the $140 worth of purchases onto my Visa card. So much for not using the card eh? And I mean, I could have debited it, I have just over $200 in the bank and get paid on Friday (at 12:10am, so Ill have that money on Friday), but just felt to stressed thinking about my bank account being that perilously close to 0....so figured Ill just transfer whats left on Thursday. Hopefully it will be at least $140 - but I could easily spend more than $60 by then if I need to grab some groceries which, despite walmart trip, I think Im going to have to. At least I have $320 in rolled coins that is slated as an extra Visa payment, so Im still doing well for 2011 on the debt front.

As for eating, well Im currently waiting for Dave to arrive to have lunch with me as I work on thie Family day Holiday. We will either have Avenue Pizza or Rodeo Burgers, either being a very unhealthy 1000 calorie lunch. Delicious. Ill try to make something decent for dinner tonight but after working all day I probably wont feel like it....there is leftover Chinese from yesterday...
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