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How can so much be happening that seems like nothing?

On the one hand, Im crazy busy. I know this because I *know* my frantic days that only allow for a short while of boredom - if any, and then, its guilt sprinkled as if I am really bored it probably means I am not getting something done that I should be doing. On the other hand, I feel Ive been watching way too much TV, and getting more sleep than ever (because I am exhausted!). It should calm down a bit now that the summer is over and we can switch back into regular semester mode at the University.
I realize I havnt written in this blog (or my sciencey one!) in awhile. In the case of this blog, a long while...and I dont really get why as it honestly only take a few minutes and Im not one of those serious-bloggers who plan and write detailed posts. Cuz like, I really write my blog for me.

So I was thinking I could write about some movies Ive seen recently (Piranha 3D, The Expendibles), but Im just not feeling that creative. I would recommend either as good general movie fodder, that meet expectations. If only Steven Seagal were in the least he is in Machete which comes out tomorrow. I imagine Ill see that more than once in the theatre if it is at all decent. Maybe Ill keep you posted.

I had to buy another new cell phone last week, as my Rumor2 got stuck in a permanent rebooting loop, and as before, I wasnt willing/able to be phoneless while they decide whether to fix it or not (NOT as you recall, I previously submerged that phone). Since Im in Ontario next week, I really needed to be connected and didnt want to buy another rumor2 which is all virgin has on PAYG with a keyboard, I got a Rogers Samsung Corby Plus. Which is a fun cute little phone and cost me $80 with $40 of activation $40 essentially. Holy disposable cellphone nation...Hopefully I wont get this one stuck in a rebooting loop! Keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and send me any of your deets, as I lost all my contact info and the phone is empty save Grad School people....

Speaking of grad school, my PCR just finished running and the gel should be ready so.....
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