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Ahhh another evening waiting for 6 and 8pm time points. At least this one Ive been somewhat productive thus far, making some PFA for tomorrows animal perfusions. Saves me one solution in the morning. I really hope my mice arent downstairs sabotaging the superawesome results I obtained the first time I did the experiment. I feel very nervous, as Im getting awesome high-impact results. Thank goodness.
In other news, there seems to be a possibility that my body is trying to make me sick again. Im really hoping not. Especially since Ive been trying to drink more water, and Ive been taking calcium and vitamin D for the last little while, and getting better sleep etc since my last sickness...

Also, with the latest news from my moms side of the family, I am legit thiking about genetic cancers like HNPCC/Lynch Syndrome. Im going to have to be more specific when talking with my mom, as its her sisters tumor(s) which would be better analyzed for MSI than her mothers, but either could indicate carrier testing. Did I mention lynch syndrom comes with an 80% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer and a 60-80% lifetime risk of endometrial/ovarian cancer? They recommend annual colonoscopies beyond 40 and a prophylactic hysterectomy, and as for my mom, being all menopausal and stuff, she does not need those bits sitting in there waiting to become cancerous. And neither do I for that matter, since I never plan on having children (If mom is +ve, hell yes Im getting tested). But blah, getting way too ahead of myself. But the family pedigree has multiple primary GI tumors that could very well be following a pattern of dominant inheritance. Yikes.

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