Becky (februa) wrote,

Got paid, and had spent all but $40 of the remaining $200 I had on the weekend. WTF? Well, I needed to give $60 to my partner, spent $45 on groceries etc., spent $20 on lunches throughout the week, and broke down last night and ordered pizza cuz I just really couldnt get into cooking after another loooong day. So much for "paying off" walmart right away...BUT I did put the $319.50 in coins right on the Visa yesterday, and made an extra $40 today in an economy experiment, and put that on the Visa too.
Got the $580 I was shorted last month too, so am debating putting all that on the credit card or using some of it to partially finance the switch to Wind Mobile which should allow me to cancel the home phone and pay for itself within 6 months.
In any case, February was a decent month for paying back debt, and its looking like March will be decent too as our income tax refund should not only fund our trip home in August, but give us an extra $1500 (hahaha stockpile of tuition/education credits!!) that we can hopefully also funnel towards the debt, but will probably use some to buy us each a new "treat", Ive been wanting a new point and shoot digital camera and D has been going on about some fancy camera flash for awhile...

Maybe Ill win the lottery tonight and all my debt stress will vaporize instantly! That would be nice.

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