Paying off debt...

I had this whole plan to get on top of all my debt and bills a couple of months ago. Ive gotten a lot of nowhere with respect to that goal. In fact, Im probably a little worse off than I was back then. And by a little, I mean close to $2000 as thats what Daisy ended up costing. *sigh*
And then, I have it all set up to have D officially move back in (ie start paying half of rent and bills again) for August 1, seeing his share of rent/bills as an extra payment, as I already make rent and bills solo, and will be getting a bit of a pay-raise at the end of this month. Good plan, except due to the Universe smiting me as-per-usual, D lost his job just over a week ago. So really, good news that D doesnt "have" to pay rent (what a good nice altruistic gf I am right? RIGHT!!?!?!?!) as who knows when he will have $ coming in again. I dont fucking get it. I know he knows and we know and etc etc that my grad student salary just CANNOT support both of us, BECAUSE of my debt. I mean, if I didnt have $500 in payments a month, that $500 could say, pay for all our food.
Well, hopefully he will be working again before long, and/or will get EI benefits soon or something, as I really do NEED to pay off my debt. I cant take it all with me after grad-school or it will be a disaster. So as a goal, Im going to payoff my VISA by the end of the year. The balance is close to $6000. How can I swing this you ask? I intend to put my enitre Presidents Scholarship on it (after I pay my $5000 tuition of course). I intend to put the entire back-pay on this months cheque (~$1500ish) onto the balance as well. With my regular payments, this should be a do-able goal. Especially if D starts paying up (as really, neither of us have forgotten that a large portion of my cc debt is OUR debt, and NOT just mine). Then next year I can move onto one of the M/C....How depressing. I cant imagine ever being out of debt atm. I mean, even if I can payoff over $10000 in cc debt, theres the lovely $20000+ in student loans to come up...Sigh


Well, Ive been spending a lot of my time in the last 2 weeks with the falcon fledge watch which has made for some very long days. We have some amazing pictures, and have seen the birds fly often in the last few days. Unfortunately, one of the 3 chicks died the day after its first flight after getting spooked by the hospital Emergency entrance and breaking its next against the wall. Very sad :(
Last night an intruder falcon (or hawk?) flew through the area and the adult falcons drove it away - very exciting, there was divebombing and loud cacking/screeching involved. Good adults protecting their babies!
I think the dangerous part is past now and we dont need to be on "fledge watch", just "enjoy the birds flying watch"

In other news, Ive started another blog related to my lab work etc so probably wont post too much about that here anymore. I just hope to solicit some comments on sciencey/work related stuff that wouldnt be lost in random rants and postings over here. Drop me a line if you want the link!
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Something that has been on my mind lately is what job I am going to get when I finish my PhD. Or really, what jobs will I apply for, because I cant really think about getting until I know whats out there. But I think Im at 100% certain that an academic post-doc in pursuit of an academic career is not the best option for me, as I dont really believe in (or think I truly would enjoy) the academic career. Theres just too many floaters. Maybe part of it is laziness - I dont want to move on to work "harder" than I already do as a grad student. Seriously, I have no life except mouse brains and evening movie watching while I read articles or think about mouse brains, and that would only get more intense as a post-doc (if I actually wanted to be a successful postdoc, and even then no guarantees as it really is all about speedy publications and if your experiments dont work or if theres a steep learning curve in your new lab...and then 5 more years pass...). So what else? I like to gesture vaguely and say "industry" as thats what you do if youre leaving academia, you go to industry (which includes government, charity work etc. - in the minds of academics, there is only academia and industry, and the two are viewed similarly to heaven and hell). What I really mean is that I dont really know yet. Ive done minimal looking, but I suppose I cant put it off for much longer as its only about a year now until I intend to actually be working.
One thing does remain though, I do love science and research, so ideally will be staying in the realm. I wonder what Defense Scientists really do, as thats a nice cushy government job (re: well paying, good pension, good hours and decent vacation time) with a good location (you know, at Downsview there?). Thats on my list of things to check out. I also know that there are research managers at Ipsos-Reid in their healthcare division that seem to have interesting jobs. There are a few big-pharma companies around too. And then, theres always the plan to start my own business...
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aaaah neighbours

So last night around 1:30am, I was awoken by extremely loud music from my one neighbour. I mean - very loud, louder than ever, crazy loud. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was all hot and raining so I couldnt open the window, so the discomfort just kept increasing and I ended up getting out of bed. A different neighbour thought it was us...good thing I had called in a complaint myself because the downstairs people cant differentiate between our apts upstairs. Anyhow it was past 3:30 before I got back to bed, and did manage to sleep until about 7:30 but blah. Been feeling almost jet lagged all day today as a result. So I didnt go into lab (which I should have as I have 4 perfusions to do), which means a longer day tomorrow. Its the first day of the falcon fledge watch too, so Ill be on campus until about 9pm.
Dunno what to do tonight. Ill see how Dave feels when he gets home from work (which should be any time now)
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Monday Monday

Well here I am sitting during my lunch break (which started only 15 minutes ago, and Im finished eating and refuse to only have a 15 minute break lol) thinking about common sense. Because all the time, ALL THE TIME, things happen that convince me that there is no such thing as common sense, that "common sense" is just a term we use when wanting to call someone stupid in an acceptable or passive aggressive way:

"Well anyone with common sense would know..."
"No one taught me either, its just common sense"
"I cant believe you dont have the common sense to..."

There are things that seem SO SO obvious to me, that I assume they are at least a little obvious to the whole population, and therefore fall under the heading of common sense. This is where I make my mistake: extrapolating my experience to the whole population. Just because I know dropping a plate on the ground will break it, doesnt mean my neighbour understands this. Just because I know that corpses left in warm rooms will liquify and rot over the weekend, doesnt mean that other people also know this. So I shouldnt be frustrated, as clearly, my faulty expectations are to blame. *bangs head on wall*

Remembering dreams

So, I was having this really weird and interesting dream this morning right before I woke up, and a lot was going on. I remember feeling like this was only a dream, but the events that were playing out HAD to happen, or the waking world would have some kind of mistake in it. The dream was really clear and I remember having brief and extended conversations with a number of people. But thats it. I dont remember the exact location (though there was a hotel with many floors and a mirrored elevator and conference like sessions that werent scientific), I dont remember any of the people in the dream, any of the conversations, what I did....Its like the type that disappears as soon as you wake up but nags you at the back of your a forgotten word on the tip of your tongue. This seems to happen to me rather often as I am waking up - the dream induced lucid dream, but I need to figure out if theres a way I can remember them better - I always imagine me having a dream diary or something, talk about an awesome journal to come back to in the future.

Did I mention Im really liking the new mouse? Its really nice. It fits my hand well (well its a little long, but that doesnt matter), and has lots of extra buttons in the places I want them, and an extra wheel by the thumb. Speaking of wheels, this mouse has a frictionless scroll wheel that you can toggle between regular and infinite scrolling with a click, and the sucker will spin around very fast for a long excel, I can rapidly navigate thousands of rows lol. The main scroll wheel also has a bit of a tilt, so you can scroll left and right too, but this is odd to use so probably wont get used very often. As for the keyboard...well its nice, the keypresses are very satisfying ans quiet, but its more square than my last microsoft ergonomic thing, so the keys seem to be slightly missplaced and/or missized lol. Ive tallied over 5000 keypresses, and really havnt done any typing except this and yesterdays post. Yep. Very fond of the keypress function.

Ive been watching G1 Transformers this morning, and would just like to point out how advanced it was, given that an Autobot (Prowl) just delcared that "I must connect to another online computer!", then used his internal wireless connection to do just that. booya.
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A new keyboard and mouse...

So today I had to get a new keyboard and mouse, as the batteries died in the old mouse, and in my attempt to remove them I found that the one had leaked out battery acid, and then fused itself via the acid to the contact in the mouse and could not be removed. Seriously. Lesson learned: cheaping out on batteries probably isnt a wise money saving idea. There was nothing wrong with the keyboard really, except it was old, dirty, and wouldn't match any new mouse I would buy which I know would bother me every time I sat down at the desktop. In any case, I ended up with a sweet deal on the Logitech mx5500 Cordless Desktop - I got almost $100 off. Im really liking the mouse. The keyboard is a little weird. It does, however, have one sweet feature Im sure Ill continue to like (though when it resets could piss me off) - it has a keystroke counter. It has this little lcd that displays meaningless info like temperature, battery level, song names, and keystrokes. Or a clock. But the thing isn't backlit (which is good news as Im sure that would really kill the batteries keeping the thing running), so its close to useless in anything other than full light.
Well, Im glad to have amassed another 1600 or so keystrokes in the composition of this message. I really wonder how high the counter will go...
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Everything the same as usual..

So Im back in Edmonton after my latest conference and trip home. Family reunion was good - a decent amount of people this year and there was some goood food there (lasagnes, meatballs, ham, turkey etc). My friends baby is super cute and interactive at almost 6 months of age - cant even imagine what more he'll be doing when I manage to see him next.
The cats made it, though clearly missed us a lot as theyve been pretty sucky since weve been home. Mixed feelings about the cat sitter, think we will try someone different next time.
Now Im pretty much totally broke - need to get some money paid back onto the credit cards that took a hit in June from Daisys teeth (oh - she seems fine, and eats dry cat food normally) and the trip. Man it will be nice if that pay raise actually comes through...few months late now should mean a nice back payment but we will see.
Been doing well with the pedometer, steps are almost always >10000/day. Started riding the bike again, with it being about 7kms round trip from here to the lab, I should be able to slowly but surely rack up some decent mileage.
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$1554 later...

Daisy is at home and appears to be doing very well. She was totally "normal" last night, so much for being 'sedate' due to the anesthesia and painkillers. She had an E-collar on so she wouldnt bite at her fentanyl patch, but that lasted all of 10 minutes after getting home and her writing around in desperation. Been monitoring her pretty constantly and shes not interested in the patch thus far, but I had Dave go to The Bay on his break today and buy an infant onesie for us to modify for Daisy to wear. Ill have to take her back to the vet on Tuesday to get the patch removed, as they dont trust me to do it, and/or they think Im going to stick it on myself after removing it from her to get high. She is supposed to only eat very soft food for up to a week, so no surprise shes begging for dry food and (hard) cat candies. She doesnt like wet food, so I bought a shitload of different varieties in hopes that she will find something she likes. Just as long as we can get a few days in so all the stitches are doing their job well and not in danger of splitting open.
All in all, she had 14-18 teeth removed. I say 14-18 because I was told 14, but then I was given a dental chart that looks more like 18, and a jar of teeth that looks more like 18 (though, some of the roots are broken/separate, so it is possible there are fewer than it appears). She does have her upper and lower canines, and 8-12 of her 12 incisors that are between the canines. This is all the teeth (plus potentially the 4 incisors) included in my high end estimate of $2200, but "luckily" according to the vet, her teeth were so bad they pretty much came right out making the procedure (and hence anesthetic time) much shorter, which is why I got such an amazing steal of a deal on the price (which does not include the $425 visit from the week before that booked the surgery, though she did get her regular vaccines then). So I guess my vacation will be a little less exciting, but I should have a happy healthy cat for years and years now. Oy.

Daisy is at the vet!

Getting lord only knows what done to her mouth. Im very anxious. Im wondering "What is happening right now? Is she left forgotten in her cat carrier until its her turn or is somebody talking to her/petting her?". Ill get a call when shes out of surgery, but I hate waiting for that. Poor lady. I cant wait to get her back home this afternoon/evening....
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